Pandora is the Best Digital Ecosystem for Trading with the Top Intelligent and Analytical Solutions for the Crypto Community.


All your investments are automatically synchronized from all your exchanges.

Personal Indicators & Trading Bots

Create and test trading robots and strategies.

Social Trading

Copy trades from the most successful traders to increase your profits.


MetaTrader 5

Be a PRO with one of the most reliable, fast and efficient trading platforms in the world.

A Fast-Growing Ecosystem

With this emerging market we have just started to grow. We have a lot of upcoming surprises for you!

News & Analytics

The best tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

MetaTrader 5

The fastest, most reliable, and efficient trading platform in the world. Now accessible for crypto investors.

MetaTrader 5 combines advanced order execution and distributed computations to help traders implement the most ambitious trading ideas. Pandora uses one-of-a-kind APIs to connect this powerful platform, typically used by Forex traders, to cryptocurrency exchanges, giving crypto investors access to professional-caliber investment tools.

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The Latest Built-in Market Analysis Tools

Create and use custom indicators

Multi-Language Support

Use MetaTrader 5 in 32 different languages

Speed, Reliability and Security

Quickly and easily make more profitable trades


Monitor your cryptocurrency investments across multiple exchanges, all from a single app. Pandfolio connects to over 40 exchanges and wallets, automatically syncing your portfolio and keeping you up-to-date.

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Multi-Platform Sync

Get notified of any price changes or market fluctuations on any device.

Track Prices of 2000+ Cryptocurrencies

Live prices from over 70 exchanges with basic indicators and advanced sorting options.

Manage Your Crypto Portfolio with Ease

Check your portfolio balance, total profit/loss or export to CSV on the go.

Together, Pandfolio and MetaTrader 5 give crypto investors an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their assets.

What Benefits One Must Benefit All

The money consciousness is an attitude of mind which is driven by desire.

The most important thing we consider in the Pandora Community is how we make money for other people. And the answer is very simple: to make money we must assist others, and this in turn is built on integrity and trust.

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