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0804 P7/8 USDJPY is under a strong pressure line for 700 pips


The possibility of 700 pips comes from the red line to the bottom red support where last lowest low reached. The red line is significant for USDJPY because it get rejection everytime it hit. The opportunity for 700 pips meaning we can find out some great trades in the falling trend. Our targets could be just part of it and lots size will be smaller as price...

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5... BITCOIN EXPLOSION Incoming!


HOUSTON, We are ready to take off! (This is an alternative correction to the ABCDE-correction here) D4 <3

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Ethereum Classic Awakes (Strongest Move In Many Months)


Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been sleeping for quite a while now and just made its strongest move in over a year... This opens up the doors for additional bullish action. Here are the signals that are coming from the chart: Massive increase in trading volume, highest since September 2018. Break above EMA10. First time since December 2018. Traded above EMA10 for...

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