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0804 P7/8 USDJPY is under a strong pressure line for 700 pips


The possibility of 700 pips comes from the red line to the bottom red support where last lowest low reached. The red line is significant for USDJPY because it get rejection everytime it hit. The opportunity for 700 pips meaning we can find out some great trades in the falling trend. Our targets could be just part of it and lots size will be smaller as price...

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Litecoin (LTCM19) SHORT BitMEX (Up to 113.9% ROE at 10X)

LTCM19, 240

I am looking at Litecoin (LTCM19) on BitMEX. It had some really awesome bullish action, together with the entire cryptocurrency market... We love this bullish action and there is more coming in the near future. After a wave up, comes a wave down. A am looking at an exhausted MACD and RSI. A classic ABC correction after the first peak was hit, so the retrace...

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Gold - Possible Trend Reversal


The price tries to pass through the cloud. We have a situation where Senkou B line holds the price. The market can still bounce from this line and move upward. But for this, the market will need reasons and fundamental support. As we can see the falling from 1350.00 levels, the market does not have it now. But what if the price can break Senkou B and drops below...

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