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BITCOIN - A Little Overview!


Again, I would like to give some confirmation areas, lately those are worked out pretty well - as on my last idea post, I pointed out one consolidation area around 5k, the price made a breakout upwards, it got a candle close confirmation and the BTC price reached into the first target which was the recent high at $5,345, so, a pretty nicely worked...

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Bitcoin Daily vs Weekly, Bearish vs Bullish (Mixed Signals)


Bitcoin has been doing great, the last bullish move followed its classic pattern, it moved differently to what most people expected and that is something that almost always becomes true. Some major resistance levels were taken out like nothing, resistances that have been holding Bitcoin back for months and weeks. Now Bitcoin is sitting on a completely new set up,...

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Bitcoin: Wave 4 is missing


Hey guys, well this time around to see perfection on BTC analysis will be very hard. Anyway I believe market is well overbought for those using indicators still yet the momentum remain stronger. I spotted some Bearish reversal agents namely: Double Top Rising wedge Bearish Divergence With all these three combined I believe if not now the drop is near and this...

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