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Sssh... The SECRET BITCOIN PLAN - The Whale Mindset


Dear Friends D4rkEnergY is going to tell you a secret - something about THE BIGGER PLAN with Bitcoin. I have told you many times, Bitcoin is extremely bullish at the moment. So many things are pointing up BULLISH SIGNS - We have escaped the down trend line - Since December 15th where our uptrend started we have had increasing volume . We also call that...

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Alt Coins Ready to Make Another Correction

TOTAL2, 60

In my previous analysis i showed a few scenario's and where the most likely version eventually played out. For this analysis i have zoomed in a bit so we can see the short term signals better. That channel seems to be legit, with a few fake breakouts on the up and down side. In my BTC' analysis i talked about alts not really moving along with Bitcoin bullish...

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04/08/19 Morning Notes-SPX 82% Bullish Sentiment

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