Pandora Privacy Policy

[Last revised: 27 July 2018]

Our Ultimate Aim is Securing Your Privacy

Our customer’s private information is paramount to us. For this reason, we are strongly committed to protecting sensitive information given to us by our customers. This sensitive information most times is collected in the course of offering our products and rendering the needed service to you. The following policies concerning how we treat information which you consider private will help you understand inclearer terms why we have to request this sensitive information from you, what is done with this information and the measures we have put in place to protect you.

The Sensitive Information We Ask You to Provide

Subject to any law, all sensitive or private information we ask from you is in order for us to achieve the purpose we are here for. Having said this, you can rest assured that before this private details are used or disclosed, we will always seek your permission to be given. Unless otherwise provided, permission given by you will be achieved in a legal manner without any undue influence. To illustrate, depending on the country you live in and the laws which govern that country, we could give you advanced notice that we are about to disclose a certain information and give you the chance to request that such information is withheld.

In a broad sense, the private details about our customers which we obtain and use are to enable us to achieve the aim of our business and the various demands of our customers. These demands and aims may include but are not limited to;

  • To give you the service that you ask for in a swift fashion.

  • To make sure your account and the daily services we render are up to date and maintained properly

  • To make sure that every amount which you are owed is paid on time and effectively

  • To make sure you are aware of other services and items which might be of benefit to you

  • To make sure we have an adequate means to communicate with our clients and their various demands or needs

  • To allow us to keep track of our websites and the services it renders

  • To help us know about any updates to our markets and to enable update our services accordingly.

  • To enable assess each application for a job before we make a decision on it

  • To make sure all our decision complies directly with all bodies which we are under. This would include warrants and court meetings which we are obligated to meet

  • To enable us to communicate with you if the need arises. This is usually done through an email

  • To make sure that all your questions and requests are answered. This is to ensure that all your rights are interests are properly protected

  • To enable assess fraudulent situations and how to effectively deal with them

  • To allow us to safeguard our rights and authority to our investments

It is also important to note that we might request for the private details of visitors who may not have an account with us when they participate in some activities such as promos or surveys by any means whatsoever. The private details are needed to make them aware of our services and abilities which may be of benefit to them. Visitors to our website may also be allowed to participate in research as it involves the market and other activity which may be similar in nature. In any situation where we would desire to put up any of our investments and asset up for sale or desire to buy any investments, your private details may be disclosed during the transaction in a matter which will of no harm to you. It is important to note that this details about you will only be revealed to the potential buyer or the potential seller. If we ever think it necessary to join hands with another company which would mean a merging of databases, we would let you know immediately and would subsequently alert you if there is any sharing which relates to the information you have given us about yourself.

How We Store Your Personal Information

Your private details are stored in many locations around the world which would include Hong Kong. We are aware that each region have a different jurisdiction and legal rules which guides privacy and how it is to be stored and we will adapt accordingly.

Sometimes, when your private details are revealed to third parties in the course of a transaction, your personal details may be stored in a different location other than that your country and area. This situation would normally see your details being stored in Hong Kong you are aware and it has been brought to your knowledge that subsequently, your personal details will be subject to the rules guiding each jurisdiction and this may mean your personal details may not be as well protected as it would be if it were solely under the location you reside in. to make this clearer, the U.S governing reserve the right to have unlimited access to your personal details if a need arises which makes this necessary. Any questions you might have as regards our policies in your jurisdiction and policies outside your jurisdiction, you may contact us at [email protected] You can rest assured that the details you have given us on our website or through any applications which have made to us or through any of our employee will not be less secure. Most times, these details could your name or your date of birth. It could include other things like the type of investment you have already made and what you would like to achieve in the future. You can be confident that all details about you as regards the frequency at which you trade and your account balance will not be released but kept as private as possible.

The Methods We Use to Protect the Private Details of Our Client

We make sure we have in place at all times certain measures whatever the situation and mode of communication such as electronic or physical means to protect your personal details. All your details pertaining to your account is placed on a secure platform on our website and is backed up by other security measures such as effective firewalls. This is the same level of security which is used to protect our site from attacks which seek to undermine our purpose for this website. Usually, before access can be granted to allow you access your account, you have to enter a username which you have already outlined earlier with a unique password which has also been set by you previously. You can be confident that our server will protect your information adequately to our website’s ability to stop all parties which are not authorized from having access to the private details of our users which may be provided during a session with us. Any details which are provided by you are scrutinized in order to give you the assurance that you are connected to the website and not a fraudulent fake website.

You can be assured that our employees would only be allowed access to your information when it is imperative that they are aware of the needed details. Our business is frequently cross checked and audited. This is usually done to make sure that your personal details are protected fully.

What is the Length Of Period in which Your Private Details is Kept

Your personal details will be kept with us as long as you remain our client. This is done to ensure that you are able to communicate with us freely and in a secured environment. If however, your client status becomes inactive or no longer valid, all your private details will be deleted after three months have passed. To further secure our website, we may keep your email address in order to stop anyone from using it again.

Automated Filing

Sometimes, our clients may prefer an automated means to fill up their profile. This automated profile option may be made available to third parties. This is to ensure that you get the best customer service possible.

Option of Updating Your Personal Details

As our most esteemed client, you have the right to access your details with us and update certain private details as the need arises. This can be done by gaining entry into our website by imputing your unique username and the password which accompanies it. From your home page, you can tap on the account area and get access to all the details which you have provided us. We consider you precious to us. For this reason, we make efforts to make sure the details which you give us is accurate and always complete. However, if it is your utmost belief that there need to be adjustments made to your private details, you reserve the right to make changes to it. This right will not be denied if you have proved that your information is inaccurate or out of date. It might only be denied if we are acting in the capacity of a third party. It is important to note that verification of your account will most likely be needed before any update will be allowed on your account by providing us with additional information. It is important to note that this information will only be used in the verification process.

Privacy of Children

The purpose of our website does not suit children who are below 18 years. Therefore, we would not on purpose collect details about such infants. If it is presented to us that an infant has provided us with details, urgent steps will be taken to delete such details immediately. We would express our desire to be contacted if you feel such a situation has already occurred.