Copy Trading (Trading Signals)

Register as a Seller and Offer Your Signals for Subscription
Select a Signal Provider and Start Copying Trades in Just a Couple of Clicks


How to become a Signal Provider

Register as a seller and offer your signals for subscription

If you are an experienced trader with a successful strategy, you can become a trading signal provider and receive a fixed monthly income from your subscribers.

Register on as a Seller and offer your signal for subscription. Thousands of MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform users will be able to view and subscribe to your trading signal,
while you will receive your payment.

Follow the simple steps and become a signal provider:
Step 1

Register on or log in if you already have an account. The website, among other things, enables the interactions between traders.

Step 2

Complete additional registration as a Seller. Both your contact details and copies of your identity documents need to be provided.

Step 3

Specify the account which is going to be used as the trading signal source, create a catchy name for your signal and set the subscription price.

Step 4

After verification, your signal will be added to the showcase and will become available for subscription.

That's all you need to do! Keep up with your trading and earn both: good profits and prolific reputation from your subscribers!

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