Pandora Terms of Use

[Last revised: 27 July 2018]

Pandora Trade Limited provides you with the opportunity to have access to the services rendered by our web provider and other services which are also provided by sites which are linked to us or are situated within or any other websites which is usually revealed by the web provider. This is usually with the sole objective of receiving data and allowing data to be sent too (This will be explained better below), for the purpose of all data belonging to third parties and all manner of services which is under the different plans available to the user. For this reason, it would be very beneficial to read and analyze carefully the terms and conditions which is written in clear language and is located in this document and also endeavor to read our privacy policy as soon as you can.

This document contains the agreement between us that would in effect govern your entry and participation on this website. It would also govern your ability to use the web services, to have access to our data and data belonging to a third party. This document is legal and shall be binding upon all parties to the agreement.

You agree that you have been made aware, that agreeing to this agreement or by continued usage of this website, its web service and data belonging to it and its third party users, you have strongly indicated that you have read this document in close details, understood the implications it may have on you and have subsequently agreed to abide by this agreement. You have accepted that this agreement shall have binding power over you and failure to agree would mean you would be relinquished your right to enter this website and participate in any manner whatsoever. If you seek to accept and bind yourself to this document on behalf of a group of person or corporation, you therefore acknowledge and authorize that the group or persons or corporation will not be bound in any way to this agreement and therefore in accordance the use of words like “customer” or “client” would subsequently apply to these group of persons or corporation.

Definition of Terms

The term “web services” or services rendered by the website refers to programs which are software in nature. It could also include interfaces or web pages. These services are normally running on devices which are seen to be hosted by our site and its provider or the provider of a third party which has been permitted through this document and the site.

The term “data” simply refer to the data;

  • Which is owned by the provider which in most cases is our website

  • Which could be gotten from the provider in various ways which would involve exchanges and transactions. It could also be gotten other ways which will be delivered to the client through the web services and as provided forthwith in this agreement

The term “Third Party Data” simply refers to data;

  • Which is not owned or authorized by the provider which in most cases is our website

  • Which can be gotten by the provider in various ways which would involve exchanges and transactions. It could also be gotten through other ways which will be delivered to the client through the Web Services and as provided forthwith in this agreement.

The term “data owner” refers to an entity which is legal in nature. This, therefore, means that this entity will have authorized ownership stakes to a good measure of the data or in some cases third-party data. This would, therefore, mean that in situations where such data is not accessible in a domain that is public, the data owner will be the main source of all such data or third party data.

The term “Distinct Software” simply refers to any applications which automatically brings out various products or services.


The provider has the authority to change or alter, stop or end the website at any time. He also exercises this right in relation to web services and data which would also include the third party data. This can be done at the provider’s discretion and there need there be any notice prior to this. In a situation where this agreement is altered by the provider, the alteration will be made public by the provider on the website. Alternatively, the provider may decide you with a notification of this alteration through any means necessary. The provider will also ensure that the last date of alteration is shown clearly above this agreement at all times.

By having continued entry and access to this website and all its features which would include the web services immediately after the provider have posted news of the alteration or contacted you through any means necessary, you are impliedly consenting to the new agreement which has been altered by the provider. If you have decided that the alteration or change is not suitable for you, you should stop using the websites and all its features immediately.


If you want to gain entry into the website and its features (please note these features include Web Services, Data, and Third Party Data), registration on the websites will be required. During the procedures related to registration, certain details about yourself will be required and you will need to provide a unique password. You hereby agree that all the information which is given by me is accurate and up to date in all its entirety. You hereby agree that all details shall be updated when necessary to make sure that it is kept in a complete, accurate and current position at all times.

It is important to note that the provider has the right and authority to bring your account to an end or to suspend your account if any detail you have given during the registration proves to be untrue and false. You are liable for any misfortune which may come upon as relating to your password protection. The protection of your password is solely your responsibility. You hereby agree not to reveal any detail about your passwords to strangers or any third party under any circumstances whatsoever. The provider will bring to your notice any entry into your account which is deemed to be unauthorized.

Limited Free Trial

Once your registration is complete and you now have an account registered with the provider to use the websites and all its features, the provider will immediately provide the newly registered account limited use of the website and some of its feature for free of charge.

It is important to note that the limits placed on the free trial are largely made through the discretionary powers given to the provider and this limits can be altered at any moment. You are not entitled to a free trial when your referrals or affiliates register with the provider.


When the user would like to upgrade to full service, entry to the complete website and all of its features will be allowed after a period of time where the client or customer takes his time to agree to one of the plans we have in our packages which will guarantee the continued usage of the website by him. Once a purchase has been made, all access to the websites and its features will be activated once again subject to the terms of the package in which the customer has chosen.

Licenses and Data

The Web Service license would allow the customer to be granted a license which is restricted and cannot be transferred to another person. The duty of this license is to allow the customer to gain access and usage to all parts of its Web Services on the website. This however subject to the terms which have been agreed upon in this agreement.

It is important to note that this agreement which contains the terms and condition is what governs the client’s use of the websites and Web services. So upon the refusal of this agreement, the client would have no right and access to the website and the Web services.

Rights Associated with Data License

Subject to client agreeing fully with the terms outlined fully in this agreement, the provider would provide the client with a license which is restricted and cannot be transferred to another person. The duty of this license is to allow the customer to gain access and usage to the website, Data, and Third Party Data.

Sometimes it is worthy of note that third-party data may require an additional requirement which has been set up by the data owner. This, therefore, means, that while we would always be happy to help you and offer guidance to enable you to get the extra licenses you may seek on the discretion of the provider, please be informed that the client bears a complete obligation in getting all extra licenses which he may need. This may require him agreeing to several agreements on licenses with third-party owners. This is solely his responsibility.

In the event of the client’s failure to get a license agreement for third-party data and subsequently is found in violation of the agreement which pertains to Data ownership License and its requirements, the provider may choose to end his access or block his entry to use the portion of the third party data which is not licensed. This may be in force till the customer is able to procure a license.

Proprietary Rights

This is seen to be subject to any restricted rights as so expressed below in this agreement. This is to ensure that the client recognizes the fact that the websites and its feature which would include Web Service, data, and third-party data are all proprietary right. This, therefore, means that they are owned by the provider in an exclusive nature. All services which are rendered by the provider which would most likely include images, logos, patents, software, third-party data, and copyrights are considered to be all proprietary which is owned exclusively and absolutely by the provider.

Except as expressly stated, the agreement shall in no way whatsoever seek to form a new license of its own or any extra proprietary rights or intellectual property right. You are also consenting or are in agreement that you are not allowed to sell, alter, rewrite, transfer, spread, relicense or publish as your own work anything you have gotten through services rendered by us in our website or during the course of using our services.

It is important to note that the use of our historical data must not in any way be in violation of the purpose in which it has been explicitly granted for by the terms outlined in this agreement. The is because our data has been gotten and improved on in a manner and way that would make this historical data not open to alteration or transfer unless with the express permission of Pandora Trade Limited. Any use of our historical data with the express consent of Pandora Trade Limited may result at the end of your period as our client and, may depend on the circumstances may lead to legal actions which might be considered by Pandora Trade Limited if it is deemed necessary to ensure that our proprietary rights are fully adhered to in a strict manner.

Restrictions which May Be Placed on Our Web Services

Web Services which has been available by the provider may be used in conjunction with any application and software which has been duly licensed by the client. However, the client must not use, change, alter, spread, or attempt to sell any segment of our web services which is provided to serve you better by any application which has not been authorized by the client.

Also, the client should in no way attempt to gain entry or try to change the areas of third party websites and devices which is not deemed open for usage. No party to this agreement will be allowed or deemed necessary to test the weakness of either party’s device or system in order to find breaches in their network system or in their authentication process.

Restrictions which May Be Placed on data and the Third Party Data

Data and third-party data may be used in conjunction with any application or software which has been duly licensed by the client. However, it is important to note that no client is allowed to use, change, alter, spread or attempt to resell any segment of the data or third party data. No client shall be allowed to make available to the general public in any format whatsoever data or third party data for any purpose whatsoever. The client is not allowed to display to ex-employees which are no longer affiliated with Pandora Trade Limited any data or third party data. This would also extend to all members of the general public. Clients have the right to store data or third party data for use as far as the usage is in line with what has been outlined in the terms of the agreement. All situation which may abound on the websites while using all its features by the client shall be the responsibility solely and utterly of the client under whatever circumstances whatsoever.

With this, the client is aware that the usage of this websites and all its feature is made possible by the internet and other means of communication. Therefore, the client is fully obligated to make sure that all forms of communication and internet services are working properly at all times. He should also be aware that all fees and payments which may result from the services rendered by the Internet are to be rendered by him and him alone.

Situations which May Lead to Termination

Both parties to this agreement shall have the right to end this agreement at any time in which they are no longer satisfied by the terms outlined in this agreement during the free trial period. Once a package has been paid for, the client is allowed to end this agreement before the renewal date of the package. He is allowed to do this after he has communicated with us through electronic means or any source of communication whatsoever. This must be done at least 30 days before his renewal option is activated.

Not subject to what has been said above, a client may choose to end the agreement if he feels and can prove that this agreement has been breached in any way and such breach has failed to be resolved with the last working days as the aggrieved party has brought the breach to the other party’s notice. It can also be terminated when the manner in which the breach was resolved is unsatisfactory to the other client or if the aggrieved does not believe the other party is taking steps to correct the situation.

In a situation where the provider is unable to provide the client with data or third party data due to loss of license or if the flow of data or any service whatsoever is interrupted due to the suspension of a license, the provider is compelled to bring this to the knowledge of the client or customer of the situation if it is permissible by law to do so. The client reserves the right, in this case, to immediately end the use of that particular services which has been interrupted by the loss of license and subsequently demand a full refund which is associated with the services which are being interrupted.


The provisions of this agreement where Definitions of terms are outlined and other parts of this agreement which by their very nature is expected to survive shall survive any unforeseen end or the expiration of the terms and conditions which is being outlined in this agreement.


The client is expected to make payment in respect to any package or plan he has chosen in relation to access to continued usage of the websites and all its features which will include data and third-party data. This package would have been chosen by you through the site which you would have made payment for. Payment may also have been made after a series of a negotiation process between the client and the provider. It is important to note that all package fees should be promptly made at the beginning of the package plan and at the beginning of subsequent renewal. The provider will list the methods in which he can receive payments. Payment is made in accordance with the package you have chosen and nothing hereinafter.

It is important to note that payment would not be made subject to any additional fees such as levies, taxes or tariffs which may be fixed by the government or other regulatory bodies. The client shall bear full responsibility however for any payment of tax which is incurred during payment and shall settle all payments accordingly.

In a situation where fees might be adjusted or altered, the provider will make an earnest effort to bring this to the notice of all our clients in writing through electronic means. In a situation where the client has reached a limit which is related to the usage of a web service feature over a period of a day, once the customer has had it brought to his notice, he will subsequently have just a day to make sure this usage is reduced accordingly. In a situation where the client fails to reduce this usage accordingly, the provider will automatically update the client’s web service level to enable it to match the amount of usage he is spending on the web service. This will lead to an increase in his package fees.

If the client is deemed to have a problem with this increase, the provider reserves the right to end the agreement in line with the terms and condition of this agreement. It is important to note that all package fees which are made not refundable in any matter whatsoever after termination. The client’s right to a refund is waived or struck out once the agreement has come to an end through termination or expiration.

Our Support Services

The provider will make sure that it provides support to the client by revealing related guidelines or help the client might need while using the website and its features. This is however subject to the particular package plan that you have subscribed to. The services which we may provide as support may include;

  • A guide on how to fully operate and the use the web services;

  • To correct any mistakes in the features of the websites which may be needed to ensure that the web service operates at the level which has been planned.

Our Client Responsibilities

In a situation where there have been errors as relating to the use of our website or its features, it is the responsibility of the client to inform us of such errors. The client shall not take steps which would increase the magnitude of the error. The client should always strive to use the web services for the purpose it was meant for. If the client is found in violation of any provision in this section, the provider shall be under no obligation to provide the necessary support.

Enhancements and Modification

All enhancements and modification which relates to the web services shall be provided by the providers once this is made available. The customer is aware that additional fees may be shared for subsequent updates to web services feature. The provider shall have full discretionary powers to pinpoint which updates will be more beneficial for the web service and which of these updates might require an additional fee. The provider is aware that the customer has full discretionary powers in relation to his choice to use the updates and shall only bear the obligation of additional fees to be paid for the updates which he has chosen to use. If a client agrees to use such an update, then the additional fees shall be added to the package fee and confirmed by the client through the website or in relation to any other fee which may be requested for data and third-party purposes. It can also be added as an extension to this agreement after negotiation between the provider and the client.